Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In 21 days...

...Adam and I will begin a 4 1/2 day road trip from Seattle to Minneapolis, via Yellowstone National Park & Mt Rushmore. I can't wait! I have missed road-tripping SOO much after driving through 19 states with New Dawn last fall, and seeing random parts of this amazing country. Since I got to see much of the midwest and the East Coast/South, I am now excited to see more of my own side of the country. Crazy to have lived in the NW my whole life and never been to Montana or Wyoming or the Dakotas!

I have to give a shout-out to both Deloitte (who had me travel so much during my years of working there that I earned ~120,000 points at the Holiday Inn hotels, or up to 12 free nights) and to Northwest Airlines, who provided Adam a returning one-way ticket for less than $70, without which this trip may not have been possible! Old Faithful & Thomas Jefferson, here we come!

It also bears noting that I am equally excited about the destination of the Twin Cities, where some of my dear friends await me. Carly, Dave, Luke, Joshua & I will all be reunited this summer (the former 3 and I working at camp once again), and I cannot wait for vicious rounds of Ui77, Carcassone, Brandy & Banter. I think we are being given a gift of time that I will be thankful for the rest of my life. Who knew we'd get that chance!?

All that said, yesterday's run to Gasworks, a familiar haunt of mine in this city of Seattle reminded me that I love this city, and that spending yet another summer away from it is bittersweet. It is a dear wish of mie that many summers to come will be spent here in this city in this corner of the world which has ultimately captured my heart.


Carly said...

Ahhhh! Jenny, reading this blog entry made me even more excited for when we will be reunited! :) I can't wait to see you and I also look forward to the "vicious rounds of Ui77, Carcassone, Brandy & Banter!"

Lydia FONG said...

I've talked to Dave and i just remember to come to your blog. I knew you have a blog, but i'm not so good in it and always forget that. Sorry~

Still, i'm so happy that you're going to be back in wapo this summer and i know how exciting everyone will be for the New Dawn team will be reunited! that's pretty awesome!!!
And, i'm SO excited that you're coming to HK again! That makes me really excited now!
Drive safe and have a blast in Seattle! Still there?! haha
Love ya,